Jennifer Turner quoted in Time Asia " China's Toxic Shock."

Elizabeth Economcy comments on the crisis in her Viewpoint, "Lessons from Harbin."

David Gordon and Wen Bo of Pacific Environment on November 29, "Harbin Crisis Was Years in the Making."

China Watch reports that the director of SEPA, Xie Zhenhua, resigns: December 2, "SEPA Chief Resigns Over Harbin Disaster."

The BBC reports on the death of a local Jilin official in "Chinese Toxic Blast Official Dead."

December 7th in Pacific Environment "China warns of Harbin penalties."

Lila Buckley of China Watch reflects on the results of the Harbin disaster on future policies in "In Wake of Songhua Disaster, Environmentalists Divided Over Future of Environmental Protection in China."

Businessmen in Harbin file suit against state owned chemical company reports the BBC, "Businessmen sue over Chinese leak."

The Jamestown Foundation's report "The Cost of China's Modernization."