Civil Society Recommendations Regarding China Exim Bank's Environmental Policy

China Exim Bank has rapidly grown to become the world's largest
export credit agency. The Bank is financing Chinese exports and
investment projects around the world, including in environmentally
sensitive sectors such as hydropower, oil and gas, and mining.

China Exim Bank adopted an environmental policy in November 2004, and
released it to the public in April 2007. Environmental Defense and
International Rivers Network prepared detailed recommendations
regarding how this policy can be strengthened, and submitted them to
China Exim Bank on September 10. The recommendations identify
generally accepted elements of good practice in environmental
assessment, and present illustrative examples of such practice from
the policies of other financial institutions from industrialized and
developing countries.

The recommendations were prepared by IRN and Environmental Defense in
cooperation with The Corner House (UK), the international ECA Watch
network, Friends of the Earth/US, Friends of Nature (China), Green
Watershed (China), and Pacific Environment (USA). They are available

For more information on this topic see CEF's "China Exim Bank in Africa" event summary, referencing Peter Bosshard's talk at the Wilson Center.