Christine Loh of the Honk Kong based NGO Civic-Exchange is recognized for her work in pushing environment to the forefront of public debate in Hong Kong and Southern China. Click here for the Time Magazine article:,28804,1663317_1663320_1669919,00.html

Please click here for the meeting summary of the CEF February forum on "Air Pollution and Environmental Health Threats in Southern China" that featured Christine Loh.

Wang Canfa was also recognized by Time for his environmental litigation work as the head of the Beijing based NGO CLAPV. Follow this link to the Time article about his work:,28804,1663317_1663320_1669921,00.html

For more information about Wang Canfa and CLAPV, see our April meeting summary of "Greening the Courts: China's Legal Advocates Giving Voice to Pollution Victims and the Environment."

Additionally, CEF is hosting a visiting fellow from CLAPV who is available to those seeking more information about the organization and their work.