In recent months, BP has launched a major advertising campaign in the United States, trumpeting its devotion to moving "Beyond Petroleum" and into more eco-friendly energy sources. Many observers are cynical about the company's newfound environmentalism. But some of BP's green initiatives suggest talk is moving to action. Nowhere is this more apparent and important than in China, an exploding market crucial for business and global environmental sustainability. The petroleum industry has undertaken a few environmental projects in China—but also seems reluctant to expand activities. In the January 1, 2004 edition of the South China Morning Post, Timothy Hildebrandt suggests that these examples of corporate environmental responsibility are a good start; "The greening of big oil in China" argues that BP, and other petroleum companies, have a unique opportunity to affect positive environmental change: BP can put real muscle behind their ad campaign, engage in more projects in China, and encourage the government to keep ecological concerns on the forefront of its agenda. The full text is available only to subscribers of the South China Morning Post.