The has announced the appointment of 21 Fellows -- 14 men and 7 women -- for the 2000-2001 academic year. The new fellowship class, which includes scholars and practitioners from the United States, Canada, Nepal, Poland, and Turkey, represents a variety of disciplines, professions, topics, nationalities, and viewpoints.

Created by the United States Congress in 1968 as the nation's living memorial to President Woodrow Wilson, the Center serves as Washington's nonpartisan meeting ground between the world of ideas and the world of public affairs. The Center is the capital's only independent institute for advanced study where fundamental current and historical issues are investigated through research and dialogue with key people from all over the world.

The 40th class of Fellows will be in residence at the Center during the academic year beginning in September of 2000. They are listed here with the titles of the projects they will pursue.

Eric C. Bjornlund, Senior Associate and Director for Asia, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs. "Supporting Democratic Elections and Citizen Participation in Asia through International and Domestic Election Monitoring"

Suha Bolukbasi, Professor of International Studies, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. "Ethnic Nationalism and the Emergence of Civil Society in Turkey"

Javier Corrales, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Amherst College. "The Politics of Education Reform in Latin America"

Margaret E. Crahan, Dorothy Epstein Professor of Latin American History, Hunter College. "Creating Freedom Behind Bars: The Culture of Resistance versus the Culture of Fear, Argentina, 1976-1983"

John M. Ferren, Senior Judge, District of Columbia Court of Appeals. "Salt of the Earth: The Story of Supreme Court Justice Wiley Rutledge"

William T. Gormley, Jr., Professor of Government and Public Policy, Georgetown University. "Intergovernmental Bargaining after Devolution"

Van E. Gosse, Organizing Director, Peace Action. "Black Power in Twentieth Century America"

Carol C. Gould, Professor of Philosophy, Stevens Institute of Technology; Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University. "The Intersection of Democracy, Globalization, and Human Rights: Normative Conflicts and Policy Implications"

Margaret E. Keck, Professor of Political Science, The Johns Hopkins University. "Networking in the State: The Micropolitics of Water Reform in Sao Paulo"

Peter M. Lewis, Associate Professor, School of International Service, American University. "Growing Apart: Governance and Economic Change in Indonesia and Nigeria"

James W. McGuire, Associate Professor of Government, Wesleyan University. "Social Policy and Human Development in East Asia and Latin America"

Ellen Messer, Visiting Associate Professor, School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University. "Ending Hunger: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (and Gone?)"

Jill Norgren, Professor of Government and Legal Studies, City University of New York. "Before it was Merely Difficult: Belva Lockwood's Life in Law and Politics"

Andrzej Paczkowski, Professor of Political Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland. "Memory and Politics: How the New NATO Members Cope with Their Communist Past, 1989-1999"

Sally M. Promey, Associate Professor of American Art History, University of Maryland, College Park. "The Public Display of Religion"

Sabrina P. Ramet, Professor of International Studies, University of Washington. "The Failure of State-Building among the South Slavs, 1918 to the Present"

Richard E. Stren, Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. "The New Local Governance of Development: An Urban Perspective"

Ganga Bahadur Thapa, Professor of Political Science, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. "Nepal: Democracy in Transition"

Michael White, Professor of Sociology, Brown University. "Population, Development, and Urbanization"

I. William Zartman, Professor and Director of African Studies, SAIS, The Johns Hopkins University. "Cowardly Lions: Preventing State Collapse"

J. Nicholas Ziegler, Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley. "Liberal Ideas, Organized Interests, and Institutional Reform: Unified Germany in a Changing World Economy"