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Center Explores Nanotechnology and Energy

Changing the Landscape of U.S. Energy: Nano and Micro Technologies Making A Difference

Jun 05, 2003

This seminar, the second in a series on the future of nanotechnology, featured speakers from academia, leading energy technology start-ups, venture capital firms, and the Washington policy community. The panelists discussed a wide range of technologies, ranging from photovoltaics to lighting and clean coal technology. Topics of discussion included technologies that are already making a difference in the energy sector as well as emerging technologies with large potential impacts requiring more significant R&D budget commitments from corporations and government agencies.

Speakers included:

- Professor Richard Smalley
Nobel Laureate, Gene and Norman Hackerman Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Rice University---View Professor Richard Smalley's powerpoint presentation.

- Robert Walker, WexlerWalker, Former Chairman, House Science Committee
- Dennis Wilson, Nanotechnologies, Inc. (energy materials)
- Harry Efstathiadis, Albany Nanotech Energy Program - E2TAC
- Mark Modzelewski, NanoBusiness Alliance
- Paul Wormser, COO, Konarka (solar)
- Kwan S. Kwok, DARPA
- Joel Serface, Eastman Ventures---View Joel Serface's powerpoint presentation.
- Rodney Slater, Patton Boggs, Former Secretary of Transportation
- Jerry Simmons, Sandia Labs (solid-state lighting)
- Theo Lee, CEO, HTI (a leading clean coal company)---View Theo Lee's powerpoint presentation.
- Charles Ostman, NanoSig----View Ostman's powerpoint presentation.
- Craig Nelson, Chief Technology Officer, Solicore, (a venture backed battery company)

This seminar was organized by the Wilson Center’s Project on Foresight and Governance, in cooperation with the NanoScience Exchange.

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