The China Environment Forum is working with Circle of Blue to identify and write compelling water stories in China.

Circle of Blue is an organization of classic journalism and scholarship based on the idea that successful water action begins with a comprehensive and honest assessment of humanity's current relationship with water.

Circle of Blue's epicenter is a network of 150 stories, reported from around the world and selected to cover the range of ways in which water defines, challenges and enables us.

These core stories span cultures, countries and demographics. They are personal accounts of real people whose lives serve as metaphors for understanding the massive issues of water today. Assignments are chosen for their journalistic and visual value, and the stunning imagery that frames these human lives ranges from gorgeous treasures of blue water to the cracked brown struggle of drought. Story ideas come from many directions: the United Nations, non-governmental organizations, researchers, journalists, educators and the public at large.

After assignment editors determine the network of coverage, teams of the world's finest documentarians spend a week or more in these locations, using photography, videography, text and electronic communication to demonstrate the impact of water on humans and humans on water.

Circle of Blue's pilot story, Tehuacan: Divining Destiny, premiered in Mexico City during the recent World Water Forum.

Circle of Blue, founded in 2002, is a non-profit affiliate of the Pacific Institute, an independent, nonpartisan think-tank based in Oakland, California. Founded in 1987, the Institute provides independent research and policy analysis on issues at the intersection of development, environment and security. The Institute conducts research, publishes reports, recommends solutions and works with decision-makers, business leaders, advocacy groups and the public to change policy.