CWIHP partner Doug Selvage, as well as David Geyer were recently awarded the Link-Kuehl Prize for Documentary Editing for their work on Soviet-American Relations: The Detente Years, 1969-1972.

Awarded biannually by the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) to the editors of the best published documentary book, the prize recognizes and encourages analytical scholarly editing of documents, in appropriate published form, relevant to the history of American foreign relations, policy, and diplomacy.

In awarding the prize, the SHAFR committee which selected Selvage and Geyer stated that "The raison d'être of this joint U.S.-Russian publication is the pairing of Henry Kissinger's and Anatoliy Dobrynin's separate accounts of their confidential channel, which yields important information (Dobrynin's reports of the meetings) that would not otherwise have been made available and also provides insights into the different perceptions and policies of the two men and their governments.

Soviet-American Relations: The Détente Years, 1969–1972 is a joint documentary publication, collected and compiled by historians from both the U.S. Department of State and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which presents a selection of American and Soviet documents on the diplomacy that led to détente between the superpowers. By presenting Soviet and American documents side-by-side, this volume provides an unparalleled opportunity for students and scholars of diplomatic history to compare and contrast two different versions of the same meetings during a pivotal period in the Cold War.

Commenting on the award, Selvage said that the volume was "a real team effort," pointing to the important contributions made by co-editor David Geyer, as well as his colleagues from the State Department and the History and Records Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.