As the Super bowl nears, let’s apply a football analogy to trade: Teams with the best defense don’t always win. A recent study finds that teams with the best offense win championships about as often as teams with the best defense.

Jumping to trade, the United States certainly needs to defend well against unfair, predatory practices, but it also needs a good offense to open and retain markets, so that its businesses, farmers and entrepreneurs can compete freely. As in football, a real champion has a strong offense and a strong defense.

The U.S. administration has big trade decisions on its plate for early 2018 involving NAFTA, China and U.S.-Korea trade, among others. To date, however, the administration has focused on defense.

It has shown no offense to expand overseas markets and improve supply chains that help U.S. business, farmers and workers compete against other global producers. The administration mentions forging bilateral trade deals, but none have been initiated.

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