Don Steinberg, New York Vice President of The International Crisis Group (Crisis Group): personal correspondence 8/29/07
" ‘crises' of the kind Burundi is going through now used to result in mass killings—now it's simply a serious problem to be dealt with, thanks in large part to your work."

Gayle Smith, Senior Fellow Center for American Progress: Congressional Testimony 10/24/07
"To consolidate newfound peace and security, we must increase our investments in the groundbreaking program led by the Wilson Center's Howard Wolpe and designed to overcome mistrust and rebuild the cohesion of the state by training officials in collaborative decision-making – in communications, negotiations, group-problem solving, and the analysis of conflict."

Mauro de Lorenzo, Resident Fellow Foreign and Defense Policy Studies American Enterprise Institute: Congressional Testimony 10/24/07
"Burundi is also enjoying a fragile but real peace, bar one faction of the most extreme part to that conflict, the Palipehutu-FNL. The credit for this progress is due to Burundian political actors themselves (with critical support from South African mediators and the South African military), but this is the place to single out the work of former U.S. Congressman Howard Wolpe and his colleagues at the Woodrow Wilson Center, whose Burundi Leadership Training Program, supported by USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives, created a unique space for dialogue that helped Burundians from opposing sides to build confidence in one another."