Time Magazine highlights three environmentalists working in China as "Heroes of the Environment"

Oct 03, 2008

In their annual special issue on heroes of the environment, Time Magazine features articles on three environmentalists working in China.

Peter Head is a director at the British engineering firm, Arup, which is working on a project to build an eco-city on an island called Dongtan, just outside of Shanghai. Dongtan will be an ecologically friendly city that is powered by renewable energy, while recycling and reusing almost all of its waste. In addition to this city, there are plans to build another one near Beijing, and Head has been commissioned to create a blueprint for a zero-carbon housing development in London – the first of it kind there.

Peggy Liu is a venture capitalist in Shanghai. After attending a conference on global warming in 2007, Liu started an NGO called the Joint U.S.-China Cooperation on Clean Energy (JUCCCE) to bring together Western entrepreneurs with green technology and Chinese policy-makers, investors, and developers. JUCCCE has had many successes in bringing attention and investments to green projects.

The last article decribes Wang Yongchen's quest as an environmental activist in China. Wang is a Chinese journalist and co-founder of Green Earth Volunteers. She has worked to bring environmental education to China's youth and is now focusing on influencing policy changes with her activism. Wang is trying to make the green movement more effective with actions such as advocating for more public disclosure laws and organizing monthly meetings for reporters to discuss environmental issues.

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