NKIDP is pleased to announce that the Wilson Center's new Korea Foundation Junior Scholar Program is featured in the Korean-language version of the Economist. The article highlights the Korea Foundation's longstanding partnership with the Wilson Center as well as CWIHP and NKIDP being famous for its research on Cold War history.  

The first class of Korea Foundation Junior Scholars included: Yuri Kim (PhD, Seoul National University, International Studies); Ria Chae (PhD, Seoul National University, Korean Studies); and Chaeryeong Lee (MA, Korea University, International Studies).

Launched in 2011, the Korea Foundation Junior Scholars Program will provide Korean students currently enrolled in an advanced degree program in Korea the opportunity to spend between three to six months at the Wilson Center conducting advanced research on an important public policy issue or a topic in international history.

Ria Chae is completing a PhD in Korea Studies from Seoul National University. Her project while at the Wilson Center is entitled America for Koreans in the Second Half of the Cold War: From Park Chung Hee to the Minjung Movement.

Yuree Kim is completing a PhD in International Studies at Seoul National University. Her project while at the Center is entitled The Influence of International Factors on the Decision-makings of Reform and Opening in China and North Korea.

Chaeryeong Lee is completing an MA in International Studies from Korea University. Lee's project while at the Center is entitled Elite Politics in North Korea.