The Prospecter, 9/27/2012

The election of Institutional Revolutionary Party candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto, who will replace President Felipe Calderón in December, raises the question of whether  Mexico will continue to cooperate with the United States.

Calderón, in particular, has worked with the U.S. on the Mérida Initiative to fight drug cartels.

“It is true we will face significant challenges, it is true that we also need to keep on working very hard on a systematic basis to resolve the issues that are naturally coming towards us in this very complex relationship,” Mexico’s Secretary of the Interior Alejandro Poiré said Monday at a panel discussion. “But I think it is a testimony to the efforts of both administrations, President Calderón’s administration and President [Barack] Obama’s administration, that we are here and now speaking about all these enhancements on all these advances while we have a positive outlook on the future.”