March 16, 2012, Omaha World Herald


Mexico is our country's No. 2 export market. And our country's national debate over immigration policy centers on Mexico.
It's important, then, for Americans to pay attention to key developments south of the U.S. border.

Consider a new report by Luis de la Calle and Luis Rubio, a Mexico economist and political scientist, respectively. Their report... describes the rise of a middle class in Mexico over the past several decades.

"Just a half-century ago,"

the authors write,

"80 percent of Mexicans were poor, and thus, so was the entire country. Today, the majority is not poor and by extension, neither is the country — although there is still widespread poverty. ... Despite ups and downs, the foundations of a middle-class society have been built."

The report cites a long list of factors to illustrate the improved fortunes for a considerable segment of Mexicans. The authors describe major increases in key factors.


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