CEF continues to research health challenges posed by environmental degradation in China. This year, we were privileged to to have SEPA's Zhang Jialing working with us. Her research brief entitled "The Management of Hazardous Waste in China," which outlines the Chinese government's efforts to curb damage from hazardous waste, debuts on our website today.

As a timely compliment to the release of the UN Human Development Report 2006, Debbie Y. Lee, of the DC NGO Resolve, wrote a brief entitled "Child Mortality and Water Pollution in China: Achieving Millennium Development Goal (MDG)4." This brief discusses the impact of water pollution on the health of children in China and how it relates to China's participation in the MDGs.

At the end of June with the debate about the quality of Chinese goods heating up, our Spring 2007 intern Yang Yang coauthored a research brief with Dr. Jennifer Turner, entitled "Food Safety in China," analyzing the domestic and international food safety crisis.

Check out the rest of CEF's China Environmental Health Project research briefs and fact sheets, on our documents and papers page. If you would like to write a research brief, or a shorter fact sheet, or to suggest an important topic on environmental health in China, please email Linden Ellis at Linden.Ellis@wilsoncenter.org.