NKIDP is pleased to announce its latest publication entitled, Crisis and Confrontation on the Korean Peninsula: 1968-1969, from the History and Public Policy Program's Critical Oral History Conference Book Series.

The book contains the transcript of a critical oral history conference which explored the origins of North Korea's military adventurism in the late 1960s, and features the testimony of veteran South Korean, U.S., and East German diplomatic and intelligence officials directly involved in Korea policy during the turbulent period.

In addition to the conference transcript, Crisis and Confrontation on the Korean Peninsula: 1968-1969 also contains a 100-page appendix of newly obtained and translated East German, Russian, Czech, and U.S. documents on the 1968 Blue House raid, the seizure of the USS Pueblo, and the 1969 shootdown of the unarmed EC 121 spy plane.

Visit www.wilsoncenter.org/NKIDP to download your copy.

The conference transcript will also be available in print from early February. To request a copy, send your name and mailing address to nkidp@wilsoncenter.org. Quantities are limited, so reserve your copy today.

The NKIDP Critical Oral History Conferences are co-hosted by the University of North Korean Studies (Seoul) with generous financial support from the Korea Foundation.