The North Korea International Documentation Project is pleased to announce the publication of the latest addition to NKIDP Document Reader Series, New Evidence on North Korea's Chollima Movement and First Five-Year Plan (1957-1961).

The collection was specially prepared for the joint NKIDP-United States Institute of Peace conference, The 2009 'New DPRK Revolutionary Upsurge'--A Blast from the Past or a New Path?, and contains newly obtained documentary evidence on North Korean political and economic developments in the late 1950s from Polish, (East) German, Chinese, and Czech archives. The 25 documents contained in the reader shed new light on the events surrounding the launch of the Chollima movement, a campaign designed to increase production and to subordinate individual thoughts and actions to the needs of the collective. The Chollima movement took its name from a mythical winged horse that could travel 1,000 li, or 400 km, in one day, and exhorted the North Korean people to work as hard as the legendary horse. The documents place recent government efforts to revive the Chollima movement into a broader historical context.

New Evidence on North Korea's Chollima Movement was assembled and edited by NKIDP Coordinator James Person, with indispensable assistance from Tim McDonnell, Bernd Schaefer, Gregg Brazinsky, and Jakub Poprocki. Like all NKIDP publications, it is available for download free of charge from the NKIDP website.