The release of NKIDP e-Dossier No.13, “North Korean Perspectives on the Overthrow of Syngman Rhee,” was featured widely in the South Korean  press, with articles appearing in Yonhap News Agency, Seoul News, Choson Daily, Dong-a DailyHankook Daily, MBC News, BBS Radio, Munhwa Daily, Etimes, MBN, YTN, and Asia Today.

As reported by the media, the e-Dossier features twenty translated documents cataloguing North Korea’s immediate responses to the April 19 Revolution in South Korea and how the DPRK attempted to take advantage of President Syngman Rhee’s resignation. The media reports highlighted the North Korean leadership’s optimism for reunification on the North’s terms in wake of the April 19 Revolution as well as North Korea’s attempts to establish contacts with progressive South Korean groups in order to facilitate the process of reunification.