Documents on the inter-Korean dialogue in the 1970s released by NKIDP continue to be cited by Korean scholars, who are now questioning North Korea’s recent attacks on the Yushin Constitution in light of the fact that there were no criticisms at the time Yushin was declared in 1972. As reported in several Korean newspapers and media outlets, Korean scholars believe that the recent criticism is more closely linked to the upcoming South Korean election, in which Park Geun-hye, daughter of former South Korean President Park Chung Hee, is a candidate.

For examples of the work completed by NKIDP informing popular discussions on inter-Korean relations in South Korea, please see the following news stories in Korean:

"NK, Criticism of the Yushin System… ‘Intention to Intervene in the ROK Presidential Election’ ," Voice of America (Korean), 22 October 2012.

"‘Leftist’ and ‘Rightist’ Thinking in Inter-Korean Dialogue," Dong-a Ilbo, 17 October 2012.

"In the Middle of Inter-Korean Dialogue, North Korea Stays Silent about Yushin," MBN, 12 October 2012.