NKIDP Project Coordinator James Person is featured on the PBS television series History Detectives. Episode 806 entitled, Korean War Letter, aired on Monday, July 26, 2010 and is now available to view online. Person provided details of prisoner exchanges during the war and of efforts to secure an armistice.

About the episode:
Rhonda McAuliffe never met her father, Ron Bradley. The U.S. counts Bradley among the more than 8,000 soldiers declared Missing In Action during the Korean War. Rhonda only knows her father from letters and photos her mother saved for her. Rhonda is hoping History Detectives can help her solve a mystery in one of the letters her mother recently unearthed. The letter tells of a firefight that nearly cost her father his life. Bradley names another soldier who saved his life by jumping on a live grenade. History Detectives helps find closure in the story of this mystery hero by visiting the Korean War Veterans Memorial, meeting a man who served alongside Rhonda's father, and discovering a revealing connection.

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