Yong Kwon, a research assistant with the Wilson Center's North Korea International Documentation Project, recently published a piece on Asia Times Online entitled "Dangerous Illusions over North Korea."

Kwon argues that analysts must contextualize each individual provocation from North Korea, writing that “there is little value in looking at the different North Korean provocations without assessing their causes and circumstances because each event developed from strategies responding to realities of that period of conflict.” North Korea is not behaving irrationally or unpredictably, according to Kwon, but is responding to particular outside stimuli and internal factors. Kwon suggests that policymakers must take into account North Korea’s concerns both at the present and going forward if progress is to be made in resolving the tense security situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Visit the Asia Times Online website to read Kwon's article, "Dangerous Illusions over North Korea," in full.