The North Korea International Document Project (NKIDP) is pleased to announce the release of a newly assembled collection of documents on the history of North Korean adventurism since 1968. The collection, North Korean Military Adventurism, is now available on the Wilson Center Digital Archive.

Culled from the archives of the former communist world, the collection engages the history of North Korea's military-diplomatic policies and brinkmanship. North Korea's seizure of the USS Pueblo, the attempted assassination of Park Chung Hee in 1968 through the Blue House Raid, the murder of two U.S. Army officers during the 1976 Axe Murder Incident, and other flashpoints in modern Korean history are featured in the collection.

The documents from been drawn from the archives of North Korea's Cold War allies, including the former Soviet Union, (East) Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania.

To explore the documents, click here to be redirected to the collection North Korean Military Adventurism on the Wilson Center Digital Archive.