International Forum for Postdoctoral Scholars in Cold War International History Studies

October 24-26, 2013

October 24


October 25

Opening Remarks

Chair: Shen Zhihua (Professor and Director, Center for Cold War International History Studies, East China Normal University)

Tong Shijun (University Council Chairman of East China Normal University)

Mao Dali (Vice Director, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau)

Liu Lianjun (Vice Director, The Office of China Postdoctoral Council, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, P.R.C.)

Zhang Baijia (Chairman of Academic Board, Center for Cold War International History Studies, East China Normal University)

Christian Ostermann (Director, History and Public Policy, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars)

Key Note Speeches

Chair: Shen Zhihua (Professor and Director, Center for Cold War International History Studies, East China Normal University)

Stapleton Roy (Former U.S. Ambassador to China)

Kazuko Mori (Professor Emeritus, Waseda University; Advisory Professor, ECNU)

Zi Zhongyun (Honorary Academician, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Unit 1 (Part I)
Session 1

Chair/Discussant: Guo Yuan(Heilongjiang University)(15 minutes)

Yan He (Freie Universität Berlin): “Heated Debates: American Policy Making toward China, 1963-1968)”(10 minutes)

Wang Wenlong (KMT Party History Institute of Cultural and Communications Committee): “Controversy in the Capitalist Bloc during the Cold War: Research on the China’s Representation at the United Nations” (10 minutes)

Zhang Minjun (Northeast Normal University): “China’s Policy on the Japanese War Compensation in the Early 1950s” (10 minutes)

Session 2

Chair/ Discussant: Cui Pi (East China Normal University) (15 minutes)

Kong Chenxu (Shanghai Institute of Finance): “A Study on Policy-making of  Ryukyuan Sovereignty Problem in the Context of United States  Exclusive  Control Strategy”(10 minutes)

Zang Yangqin (East China Normal University): “Crisis in Alliance: A Study on the Sasebo Incident of 1968” (10 minutes)

Bai Yuping (Northeast Normal University): “A Study on U.S. Psychological Warfare Policy toward Japanese Intellectuals, 1951-1961” (10 minutes)

Unit 1 (Part II)
Session 3

Chair /Discussant: Zhan Xin (Northeast Normal University) (15 minutes)

Han Changqing (East China Normal University): “The Origin and Fate of the UN Forces Structure: A Study on the Security Council Resolution 43” (10 minutes)

Hu Tengjiao (Wuhan University): “U.S. International Exhibition Project in the 1950s” (10 minutes)

Liu Kui (Hubei University): “The U.S. and the Soviet Union on European Collective Security, 1954-1957”(10 minutes)

Session 4

Chair/Discussant: Yafeng Xia (Long Island University) (15 minutes)

Sulmaan Khan(Tufts University): Class Notes: New Chinese Evidence on Sino-Vietnamese Relations (10 minutes)

Gao Jiayi (East China Normal University): “Facing Red China: French Government and Societal Views of China in Early Period of the Establishment of Sino-French Normal Diplomatic Relations (1964-1969)” (10 minutes)

Xu Hongxin (National Tsing Hua University):“The China Policy of Yoshida Cabinet: Reconsidering the Separation of Politics from Economy” (10 minutes)

Unit 2
Session 1

Chair/Discussant: Zhang Yang (Northeast Normal University) (15 minutes)

Xie Hua (Shanxi Provincial CCP Party School): “Food as a Weapon: U.S. Cold War Strategy and PL 480, 1954-1969” (10 minutes)

Zhao Jike (Northeast Normal University): “On United States Information Agency’s Women’s Program” (10 minutes)

Liu Lei (Nanjing University): “The Continuity and Changes of U.S. Nuclear Strategy during the Carter Administration” (10 minutes)

Session 2

Chair/Discussant: Zhang Baijia (CCP CC Party History Research Office) (15 minutes)

Su Shiwei (Fudan University): “China’s Social Mobilization for National Defense and Its International Impact during the Cold War” (10 minutes)

Zhan Xin (Northeast Normal University): “Early Modifications in China’s Nuclear Arms Control Policy, 1969-1977” (10 minutes)

Huang Yuan (Nankai University): “The Beginning of the CCP’s Contacts with Great Powers such as the U.S. and U.K” (10 minutes)

Unit 2
Session 3

Chair/Discussant: Zhai Qiang (Auburn University) (15 minutes)

Zhang Yang (Northeast Normal University): “An Outward Journey in Chinese Higher Education in Southeast Asian Countries during the Cold War: with Discussion on the American Policy Debates on Nanyang University” (10 minutes)

Li Qianyu (China Foreign Affairs University): “U.S. Policy toward the Second Afro-Asian Conference” (10 minutes)

Session 4

Chair /Discussant:Chen Xianliang (Harbin Normal University) (15 minutes)

Habiyaremye Gabriel, Karangwa Antoine (Independent institute of Lay Adventists of Kigali): “Socio-economic Consequences of Cold War Overview in Sub-Saharan Africa” (10 minutes)

Liu Mingzhou (Central China University of Science and Technology): “Great Power Attitude Adjustment in the Middle East in the post-WWII Period” (10 minutes)

Bi Yuanhui (Changchun Normal University): “Liberalist New Frontier: The Kennedy Administration’s Response and React to Angola National Liberation Movement” (10 minutes)

Academic Speech

Zi Zhongyun (Honorary Academician, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences): “Several Controversial Issues on Sino-American Relations during the Early Cold War”

October 26

Unit 1
Session 1

Chair/Discussant: Shen Zhihua(East China Normal University) (20 minutes)

Sei Jeong Chin (Ewha Woman University): “The Chinese Revolution in the Cold War: The Korean War, Propaganda, and the Cultural Cold War” (10 minutes)

Anastasiya Bayok (East China Normal University): “The Korean Peninsula in the 1970s: Review from the Perspective of Conflict Transformation Theory” (10 minutes)

Chen Tao (East China Normal University): “Ideal and Reality: Chinese Experience of the DDR during late 1950s” (10 minutes)

Chen Xianliang (Harbin Normal University): “Reflection on Stalin’s Mistakes from Mao and Khrushchev: Divergences and Consequences” (10 minutes)

Yoshida Toyoko (Kyoto Sangyo University): “Chinese National Government and the Sino-Soviet Treaty in 1945: After Berlin Conference” (10 minutes)

Session 2

Chair/Discussant: Chen Jian (Cornell University, East China Normal University): (20 minutes)

Xiao Daozhong (Fu Jen Catholic University): “China’s Accusing American Invasion of Taiwan to the UN in 1950” (10 minutes)

Huangfu Qiushi (Fudan University): “Cold War in Paradox? American Economic Aid toward China after World War II (1945-1949)” (10 minutes)

Xu Fengyuan (National Chengchi University): “The Negotiation of Nissuemaru Case in the midst of the Port-Closure Policy of ROC” (10 minutes)

Fang Tingting (Peking University): “The Soviet-American Rivalry in the Energy Sector during the Cold War” (10 minutes)

Niu Weigan (Jiangsu Provincial CCP Party School): “Research on Transformation of the International Structure and American Atlantic-Pacific Alliance: Overview and Outlook” (10 minutes)

Unit 2
Session 1

Chair/ Discussant: Xiaoyuan Liu (Iowa State University) (20 minutes)

Ren Tianhao (National Chung Hsing University):“The Formation and Impact of East Asian Power Structure, 1955-1970: Evidence from Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry Archive on the Diaoyu Island Issue” (10 minutes)

Shi Kui (Nankai University):“International Political Games over the Diaoyu Island Conflicts during the Cold War” (10 minutes)

Guo Yuan (Heilongjiang University): “U.S. policy toward South China Sea in the wake of the Sino-American Rapprochement” (10 minutes)

Suweon Kim (University of the Western Cape): “Ideological Influence of Mao’s New Democracy on Ghana’s Foreign Policy Change in 1983” (10 minutes)

Session 2

Chair /Discussant:Dai Chaowu (East China Normal University) (20 minutes)

Zhang Wei (Central China Normal University): “Indira Gandhi Government’s Policy toward the 1971 India-Pakistani Crisis” (10 minutes)

Ge Jun (East China Normal University): “The DDR and the Sino-Indian Border Conflict in 1959: Policy and its Evolution” (10 minutes)

Umberto Tulli (Università degli Studi di Bologna):“Going for the Gold: Ronald Reagan and the Soviet Boycott of the 1984 Olympic Game”(10 minutes)

Liu Xiaochen (East China Normal University): “The Silent Envoy: A Study on China’s Animal Diplomacy during the Cold War” (10 minutes)

Closing Remarks 

Chair: Yu Weimin (East China Normal University)

Yafeng Xia (Long Island University): “On the ECNU-Wilson Cold War Studies Initiative”

Zhang Yang (Northeast Normal University): “How Younger Scholars Can Make Use of the ECNU-Wilson Center Cold War Studies Initiative”

Shen Zhihua (East China Normal University): “Younger Scholars and the Future of China’s Cold War Studies”

Mei Bing (Vice President of East China Normal University)