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The AfPak File Podcast

The AfPak File is a podcast series jointly hosted by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and the Woodrow Wilson Center's Asia Program.

The AfPak File Podcast

Launched in September 2018, the AfPak File Podcast is a new series jointly hosted by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and the Wilson Center's Asia Program.  In each episode, a group of experts gather to discuss key topics affecting the region.  Asia Program Deputy Director and Senior Associate for South Asia Michael Kugelman joins each program.

Episodes (in reverse chronological order)

What's Next For The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor? (November 28, 2019) - Link

What's Next As Anti-Government Protests Expand Across Pakistan (November 15, 2019) - Link

US Leaders Travel to Afghanistan Amid Uncertainty Over Troop Deployments Overseas (October 24, 2019) - Link

Previewing Afghanistan's Upcoming Presidential Election (September 25, 2019) - Link

With Taliban Talks Scuttled, What's Next for Afghanistan? (September 12, 2019) - Link

Afghanistan's Crucial Month (August 30, 2019) - Link

Previewing Afghanistan's Presidential Election (August 07, 2019) - Link

Assessing Imran Khan’s Visit To America (July 25, 2019) - Link

What Next for Afghanistan After the Intra-Afghan Dialogue in Doha? (July 10, 2019) - Link

From Welfare State to Austerity: What's Next for Pakistan's Economy? (June 20, 2019) - Link

What's Next For Pakistan's Pashtun Tahafuz Movement? (June 05, 2019) - Link

What Do U.S.-Iran Tensions Mean For Pakistan? (May 22, 2019) - Link

Assessing Afghanistan’s Recent Jirga (May 9, 2019) - Link

Unpacking Imran Khan’s Recent Interview on Militancy (April 17, 2019) - Link

Trilateral Tensions and Implications For Talks With the Taliban (April 2, 2019) - Link

What's Behind Pakistan's Latest Crackdown Against Militants? (March 18, 2019) - Link

Iran's Chabahar Port Development: Significance and Implications (March 4, 2019) - Link

The Russia Connection In The Afghanistan Peace Process (February 13, 2019) - Link

The US/Taliban Talks: Significance, Implications, and Next Steps (February 04, 2019) - Link

Unpacking the Relationship Between Tehran and the Taliban (January 16, 2019) - Link

The Precarious State of Civil Society in Pakistan (December 17, 2018) - Link

The Aasia Bibi Case: Significance and Implications (November 19, 2018) - Link

Gauging The Prospects of Talking Peace With The Taliban In Afghanistan (November 02, 2018) - Link

What Is At Stake In Afghanistan's Parliamentary Election? (October 18, 2018) - Link

Pakistan's Economy Under Imran Khan (October 04, 2018) - Link

What's Next for the Haqqani Network? (September 19, 2018) - Link


Michael Kugelman

Michael Kugelman

Deputy Director and Senior Associate for South Asia
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