Interns at the Project will assist with research at local archives and libraries, cataloging and editing documents, assembling and publishing document collections, disseminating NKIDP publications, coordinating scholarly conferences, and answering various information requests. Interns at NKIDP will develop an appreciation for the deep continuities in North Korean policies and the relevance of history in contemporary policy formation toward the DPRK. Interns will also gain valuable knowledge from interaction with NKIDP staff, visiting scholars, and Woodrow Wilson Center Fellows.

Application Deadline: Friday, 23 April 2010

NKIDP's internship appointments are generally consistent with academic semesters (i.e. Fall, Spring, Summer / three to four months); although appointments are made throughout the year for periods of varying length. No internship will exceed one year in duration.

Successful applicants should have strong research and/or administrative skills; be extremely attentive to detail; be able to work independently and as part of group; be enrolled in a degree program, have graduated, and/or have been accepted to enter an advanced degree program within the next year.

Knowledge of a foreign language (especially Korean, German, Romanian, Polish, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian) and past coursework in modern Korean history or the Cold War in Asia is helpful, but not necessary.

This internship with the North Korea International Documentation Project is unpaid, though we do offer interns the opportunity to earn academic credit in accordance with their programs' requirements. As a general rule, our office is looking for individuals who are willing to devote at least 14 to 21 hours per week.

NKIDP will select 3 interns for Summer 2010 for several projects:

  • Interns to assist in the preparation of the 2010 critical oral history conference, scheduled for 1-2 July. Primary responsibility will include independently conducting research in local archives and libraries on inter-Korean and US-ROK relations in the early 1970s.
  • Interns to catalogue newly acquired document collections on North Korea's inner workings and foreign policy from South Korean, Polish, Russian and (East) German archives (fluency in Korean, Polish, Russian, or German necessary).

All NKIDP interns will be expected to provide logistical support as needed for occasional conferences

The Wilson Center is an equal opportunity employer and follows equal opportunity employment guidelines in the selection of its interns. Internships are open to all U.S. residents and qualified foreign students with U.S. Student Visas (F1).

To apply, email a resume and cover letter to the North Korea International Documentation Project at:

Application Deadline: Friday, 23 April 2010