The Global Health Initiative is pleased to announce that Victor Barbiero will be joining the Woodrow Wilson Center as a part-time senior adviser to the Global Health Initiative. Dr. Barbiero is currently a visiting associate professor at the George Washington School of Public Health in the Department of Global Health. He will continue to serve in this capacity during his time at the Wilson Center. He brings to the Center more than 20 years of experience at the United States Agency for International Development, where he worked in Washington, East Africa, and India for the divisions of Child Health; HIV/AIDS; and Population, Health, and Nutrition.

In order to facilitate discussion on policy changes, Barbiero will focus on developing a series of meetings about public and private health care delivery in sub-Saharan Africa. These meetings, co-sponsored by the Global Health Initiative and the Africa Program, and supported by Pfizer, Inc., are scheduled to begin in early 2007.