In April 2007, the Wilson Center Leadership Program undertook a scoping mission to Timor-Leste on behalf of the World Bank–funded Leadership and Communication Capacity for Renewal Program (LCCNR) in Dili. The goal was to identify the key leadership and communication challenges facing Timor-Leste and design an initial outline of a capacity building program to address those challenges.

The invitation from the Bank was issued based on the capacity building and post-conflict transformation work the Wilson Center has been doing in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Liberia. The mission report is available here. As it will show, the decision was reached to award the project to CMPartners, a frequent collaborator of the Wilson Center, which has taken over implementation of a multi-faceted, long-term training program targeting a range of Timor-Leste's leaders as a partner with LCCNR. To date, a cross-section of eighty leaders have begun the training program, building skills in negotiation, communication, and conflict management, and building relationships with other leaders at all levels of Timorese society. CMPartners has released a progress report outlining initial successes and lessons learned from the first four months of program implementation, available here.