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Woodrow Wilson 2017-18 Fellows Class

The Wilson Center welcomes the fellows class of 2017-2018.

The 2017-2018 fellows are listed below along with the projects they will pursue while in residence at the Wilson Center.

Guo Chen, Associate Professor of Geography and Global Urban Studies, Michigan State University. “Moving Slums: China’s Hidden Urban Realities and Beyond.”

Oleksandr Fisun, Professor of Political Science, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine. “How Ukraine is Ruled: Informal Politics and Neopatrimonial Democracy after the Euromaidan Revolution.”

Kevin Gray, Lecturer in International Relations, University of Sussex, United Kingdom. “North Korean Reform and the Development-Security Nexus under Kim Jong Un.”

Amy Austin Holmes, Associate Professor of Sociology, American University in Cairo. “Between Democratic Autonomy and Authoritarianism: The Political Ambitions of PYD-aligned Kurdish Militias in Syria and Iraq.”

Stephen Kaplan, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, The George Washington University. “The Political Economy of Chinese Finance in Latin America.”

Tait Keller, Associate Professor of History, Rhodes College. “Green and Grim: A Global Environmental History of the First World War.”

Aynne Kokas, Assistant Professor of Media Studies, University of Virginia. “Networked Chinawood Media, Cybersecurity and the Restrictions of Connectivity.”

Akira Kurosaki, Associate Professor of International Relations, Fukushima University, Japan. “The Politics of Nuclear Energy and Non-Proliferation in Japan-U.S. Relations in the 1950s and 1960s: A Case Study of Bilateral Nuclear Cooperation and its Impact on Nuclear Proliferation.”

Lauri Mӓlksoo, Professor of International Law, University of Tartu, Estonia. “Does Russia Have a Unique Concept of Jus ad Bellum in the Context of International Law?”

Xolela Mangcu, Professor of Sociology, University of Cape Town, South Africa. “Nelson Mandela: A Biography.”

Masuda Hajimu, Assistant Professor of Modern Japanese History, National University of Singapore. “After the Occupation: The Rise of Grassroots Conservatism in Postwar Japan.”

Neeti Nair, Associate Professor of History, University of Virginia. “Blasphemy: A South Asian History.”

Elizabeth Stanley, Associate Professor of Security Studies, Georgetown University. “Techno-Blinders: How our Techno-Centric Security System Endangers U.S. National Security and What to Do About It.”

Jeffrey Taliaferro, Associate Professor of Political Science, Tufts University. “The Best of Frenemies: Politics of Intra-Alliance Coercion in U.S. Foreign Policy.”

Alexander Thurston, Assistant Professor of Teaching, African Studies Program, Georgetown University. “Jihadism in Northwest Africa: Doctrines, Debates, and Politics.”

Irene Wu, Senior Analyst, Federal Communications Commission. “Measuring Soft Power.”