The capstone publication of the Working Group on Preventing and Rebuilding Failed States, tentatively titled Talking Through Transitions: Strengthening Leaders' Capacities for State-Building is nearing completion. The Working Group, composed of distinguished diplomats, policymakers, trainers, and academic specialists, met periodically over two years to distill leading lessons from case studies in internationally facilitated peace processes.

This book presents and assesses the five case studies discussed, including processes in Burundi, Cyprus, Estonia, Guyana, Sri Lanka, and Tajikistan, to derive findings on the contribution that capacity-building or "process" interventions have made to moving conflicts toward a sustainable resolution. It also includes a prospective look at Bangladesh. Working Group members applied their findings from the past cases to determine whether a process intervention would be feasible and effective.

The volume will provide practical guidelines on conditions, entry points, and impacts of well-planned process interventions and also draw conclusions on the implications for international development policy and U.S. foreign policy.