About InoVozes

Documenting a New Chapter in Brazilian Politics                                                       

With 28 parties active in its National Congress and corruption allegations implicating political actors from all parts of the ideological spectrum, Brazil's political system is under significant strain. Although mass demonstrations in 2013 and loud calls for political reform have yet to produce fundamental changes, it is clear that the current system is exhausted. Many Brazilians are beginning to consider what might come next. Will new political forces emerge to contest the presidency in the 2018 elections? Will electoral reforms or new campaign financing regulations change the rule of the game? Where will the next influential voice in Brazilian politics come from and where will it take the country?


Our Mission

InoVozes, a project of the Brazil Institute at the Wilson Center, aims to create and aggregate content in order to better understand the new political movements shaping Brazil's political landscape. By featuring new groups and movements through a series of interviews, articles, infographics, and other media, we hope to give a U.S. audience insight into Brazil's domestic politics and facilitate debate on strengthening Brazilian democracy and representational party politics.


The Movements

The project's featured voices come from a variety of groups and movements, each interacting with the political process in a unique way. Some hope to participate in the electoral process, while others seek to mobilize those beyond the public sector. To learn more about specific emerging movements in Brazil, click here