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Documenting a New Chapter in Brazilian Politics and Public Policy                                                      

Brazil's political system is under significant strain. Widespread frustration with traditional elites and demand for political reform have produced new leadership for the country, but have yet to produce more fundamental changes that address the underlying concerns of the Brazilian people.

Our Mission

InoVozes, a project of the Brazil Institute at the Wilson Center, aims to create and aggregate content in order to better understand the new forces shaping Brazil's political landscape and the work being done by many Brazilians in support of a more inclusive and representative policymaking. By featuring innovative policy ideas and actors through a series of interviews, articles, infographics, and other media, we hope to not only provide insight into Brazil's political debate, but also to encourage the discussion of creative and innovative solutions to Brazil's current policy challenges.

The Movements

Many of this project's featured voices come from a variety of new movements, each interacting with the political process in a unique way. Some hope to participate in the electoral process, while others seek to mobilize those beyond the public sector, whether at a local or national level. To learn more about specific emerging movements in Brazil, click here

About the Author

Brazil Institute

Brazil Institute

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Brazil Institute

The Brazil Institute—the only country-specific policy institution focused on Brazil in Washington—works to foster understanding of Brazil’s complex reality and to support more consequential relations between Brazilian and U.S. institutions in all sectors.  Read more