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Class note

Csaba Békés, Class of 1992

The Cold World History Research Center (CWHRC) Director Csaba Békés has been awarded a “For the University Medal” from Corvinus University of Budapest. Békés is a former research fellow for the Cold War International History Project.

The "For the University Medal" award is given to those members of the university community who have played a prominent role in increasing and enhancing the prestige and reputation of the University at home and abroad. Professor Békés was decorated for directing the research work of the Cold War History Research Center, founded by him twenty years ago.

Csaba Békés is founding director of the Cold War History Research Center and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Political Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, both in Budapest. He is also Associate Professor at Corvinus University of Budapest and a visiting professor at Columbia University. He is an editorial board member of the Journal of Cold War Studies and Cold War History. His books in the English language include The 1956 Hungarian Revolution and World Politics (1996); The 1956 Hungarian Revolution. A History in Documents (2002); Hungary and the Warsaw Pact, 1954--1989. Documents on the Impact of a Small State within the Eastern Bloc (2003).

More information regarding the Cold War History Research Center can be found here.