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Class note

Zuhumnan Dapel, Class of 2018

Former Wilson Fellow Zuhumnan Dapel recently published his article, African Countries are Behind on Progress Towards Poverty Reduction Goals, which argues that African nations are lagging behind the global average in terms of poverty reduction; the proportion of people living on less than two dollars per day in Sub-Saharan Africa is 41%, compared to the global average of 10% in 2015.

Dapel was awarded a PhD in Economics by the University of Dundee, Scotland UK. He previously graduated from the University of Jos in Nigeria with a bachelor's and master's degree in Economics. Following the completion of his bachelor's degree, Dapel became a high school economics tutor for the One Year Mandatory National Youth Service in South-Western Nigeria. He further served on the academic staff at the Department of Economics University of Jos while he undertook a PhD program in Economics at the University of Dundee.