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Investigating Power

Jan 15, 2014 to Jan 22, 2014
(Episode #2425)
Charles Lewis, founder of the Center for Public Integrity and the Fund for Independence in Journalism.

Our Water Planet: The Cousteau Legacy

Alexandra Cousteau
Jan 07, 2014 to Jan 15, 2014
(Episode #2424)
Alexandra Cousteau was selected as National Geographic Emerging Explorer in 2008 and during that same year she established the Blue Legacy organization to continue her family's work. She is also a co-founder of Earth Eco International.

In The Wake of War

Dec 18, 2013 to Dec 25, 2013
(Episode #2429)
Cynthia Arnson, Director of the Latin American Program; Editor of the new book, "In The Wake of War: Democratization and Internal Armed Conflict in Latin America."

Little America: The War Within the War for Afghanistan

Dec 11, 2013 to Dec 18, 2013
(Episode #2426)
Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Senior Correspondent and Associate Editor for The Washington Post

Domestic Drones & The Environment Revisited

Dec 04, 2013 to Dec 11, 2013
(Episode #2450)
Joanne Gabrynowicz examines privacy and other issues which arise from the use of drones in anticipation of growing use of the technology in U.S. airspace. Ruth Greenspan Bell discusses her latest work “Rebooting the Climate Effort.”

Healthy Democracy

Nov 27, 2013 to Dec 04, 2013
(Episode #2531)
We discuss an Oregon initiative to improve the quantity and quality of civic participation in that state.

Moynihan’s Moment & North Korean Sabre Rattling

Nov 20, 2013 to Nov 27, 2013
(Episode #2516)
We look back at the legacy of the late great Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan with the help of Gil Troy, author of Moynihan’s Moment: America’s Fight Against Zionism as Racism, and Maura Moynihan, daughter of Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Healthy People, Healthy Environment: Integrated Development in Tanzania

Nov 13, 2013 to Nov 20, 2013
(Episode #2513)
Sean Peoples and Michael Miller discuss their new short feature documentary entitled Healthy People, Healthy Environment: Integrated Development in Tanzania, which premieres this month at the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital.

America's Borders North & South

Nov 06, 2013 to Nov 13, 2013
(Episode #2515)
A discussion of America’s borders with Wilson Center’s Canada Institute David Biette and Christopher Wilson, an associate with the Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute.

Africa Roundtable: Development through Technology

Oct 30, 2013 to Nov 06, 2013
(Episode #2525)
We convene our Africa Roundtable for a discussion of the ways in which technology is stimulating impressive economic development on the African continent with Steven McDonald, Tim Kelly, and Nmachi Jidenma.