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Middle East Roundtable: Egypt

Feb 20, 2013 to Feb 27, 2013
(Episode #2508)
We convene our Middle East Roundtable to discuss the latest from Egypt with Haleh Esfandiari, Joshua Stacher, and Marina Ottaway.

Women and the Arab Spring & The Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited

Jan 30, 2013 to Feb 05, 2013
(Episode #2442)
Haleh Esfandiari, Hanin Ghaddar, and Yassmine El Sayed Hani discuss women and the Arab Spring. Tim McDonnell previews the Wilson Center's Cuban Missile Crisis project.

Environment Roundtable & Foreign Policy: Obama's Second Term

Jan 23, 2013 to Jan 29, 2013
(Episode #2451)
Darryl Fears, Bob Deans, and Geoff Dabelko join our environment roundtable segment for a discussion on climate change in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Also, we take a look at what we might expect in the foreign policy arena during President Obama’s second term with Washington Post Associate Editor and Columnist, David Ignatius.

The Quarterly Report: India’s Feckless Elite & Surveying the World of Ideas

Jan 09, 2013 to Jan 16, 2013
(Episode #2448)
Steve Lagerfeld, editor of the Wilson Quarterly, discusses the latest issue. Also contributor Sadanand Dhume, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, discusses his latest Quarterly piece on leadership failures in India.

The Year in Review & A New Cold War

Dec 26, 2012 to Jan 09, 2013
(Episode #2452)
Jane Harman, Wilson Center Director, President, and CEO, discusses important issues and trends in U.S. foreign policy and looks ahead to the challenges we face in the new year.

Economics Roundtable & Lebanon and the Arab Spring

Dec 05, 2012 to Dec 12, 2012
(Episode #2449)
Don Lee, economics reporter for the LA Times, Don Wolfensberger, Wilson Center Senior Scholar, and Kent Hughes, Director of PAGE program at the Wilson Center, discuss the fiscal cliff in our "economics roundtable." Fuad Siniora, former prime minister of Lebanon, provides context on the Arab Spring from the perspective of that nation.

The Global Farms Race & Context: Israeli Security and the Arab Spring

Nov 21, 2012 to Nov 28, 2012
(Episode #2447)
Michael Kugelman, Senior Program Associate for the Asia Program at the Wilson Center, discusses a new book which he co-edited entitled, The Global Farms Race. We also take a look at Middle East security from the Israeli perspective with, Efraim Halevy, former director of the Mossad and former head of the Israeli Security Council.

Latino Vote & Context: Cuban Missile Crisis

Nov 07, 2012 to Nov 14, 2012
(Episode #2445)
Stella Rouse focuses on the increasingly important Latino vote in U.S. elections. Svetlana Savranskaya discusses her latest book, The Soviet Cuban Missile Crisis: Castro, Mikoyan, Kennedy, Khrushchev, and the Missiles of November.

Middle East Roundtable & Context: Venezuela

Oct 24, 2012 to Oct 31, 2012
(Episode #2443)
Haleh Esfandiari, Joshua Stacher , and Aaron Miller discuss the latest developments in the Middle East. In our second segment, Cynthia Arnson provides insight into the re-election of Hugo Chavez.

Outlier States: American Strategies to Change, Contain, or Engage Regimes

Oct 03, 2012 to Oct 10, 2012
(Episode #2430)
Robert Litwak, Vice President for Scholars and Academic Relations and Director of the International Security Studies Program.