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Funding Justice – Law Day 2012

Sep 05, 2012 to Sep 12, 2012
(Episode #2421)
Christine Meaders Durham has been a member of the Utah Supreme Court since 1982. Previously she served as Chief Justice and also as Chair of the Utah Judicial Council, the administrative governing body for the state’s court system.

The Quarterly Report - The Age of Connection

Aug 22, 2012 to Aug 29, 2012
(Episode #2422)
Steve Lagerfeld, Editor of the Wilson Quarterly; Christine Rosen, Senior Editor of The New Atlantis

The Swing Vote: The Untapped Power of Independents

Aug 15, 2012 to Aug 22, 2012
(Episode #2406)
Linda Killian, journalist and Wilson Center Senior Scholar

The Importance of Pakistan & The Eurozone and Transatlantic Relations

Aug 01, 2012 to Aug 08, 2012
(Episode #2431)
Robert Hathaway, Wilson Center's Asia Program Director; Michael Kugelman, Asia Program Associate; Klaus Larres, the Richard M. Krasno Distinguished Professor in History and International Affairs at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

The Role of Crowdsourcing in Disaster Relief and Communicating with Unfree Societies

Jul 12, 2012 to Jul 18, 2012
John Crowley, research fellow at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and public policy scholar with the Wilson Center Science and Technology Innovation Program. A. Ross Johnson, research fellow with the Hoover Institution and also a senior scholar with the Wilson Center's History and Public Policy Program.

Mexico's Drug Wars and Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Palestine and Israel

Jul 04, 2012 to Jul 12, 2012
(Episode #2427)
Eric Olson, associate director of the Wilson Center's Mexico Institute; Bruce Hoffman, director of the Center for Security Studies at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service.

Is the Arab Awakening Marginalizing Women?

Jun 06, 2012 to Jun 12, 2012
(Episode #2423)
Rend al-Rahim, Executive Director of the Iraq Foundation; Rola Dashti, Chair of the Kuwait Economic Society; Rangita de Silva de Alwis, Director of International Human Rights Policy at the Wellesley Center for Women at Wellesley College.

Iran Returns to the Bargaining Table

May 07, 2012 to May 13, 2012
(Episode #2419)
Michael Adler, Public Policy Scholar with the Wilson Center’s Middle East Program.

Leaving Without Losing: The War on Terror After Iraq and Afghanistan

Mark Katz
May 01, 2012 to May 07, 2012
(Episode #2418)
Mark Katz is a professor of government and politics at George Mason University; Robert Litwak is Vice President for Scholars and Academic Relations at the Wilson Center where he also serves as Director of International Security Studies.

America’s War Machine

Apr 09, 2012 to Apr 16, 2012
(Episode #2415)
Molly Sinclair McCartney, Wilson Center Public Policy Scholar and journalist with more than thirty years of experience as a reporter at five different newspapers, including the Washington Post and Miami Herald.