5th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Visual Storytelling for Environmental Nonprofits

Visual media has the power not only to illuminate problems, but also highlight solutions and inspire action. Join us for an interactive workshop with expert environmental media makers to learn how to create greater impact using visual stories.

Book Event: Prayers for the Stolen, A Discussion of Violence against Women in Mexico

“Beguiling, and even crazily enchanting…Prayers for the Stolen gives us words for what we haven’t had words for before, like something translated from a dream in a secret language.” - New York Times Book Review

Climate Change Opinions in the United States and Canada

The Canada Institute hosted a discussion on Canadian and American attitudes toward climate change, featuring findings from the Fall 2015 round of ongoing survey work in both nations. Key themes include public views on whether climate change is occurring, response to a range of possible policy options across levels of government, and reaction to Pope Francis' recent engagement on the issue. The U.S. side of this work includes an early look at how Americans want their states to respond to the new Clean Power Plan. 


Leveraging Synthetic Biology’s Promise and Managing Potential Risk

As more applications based on synthetic biology come to market, are the existing federal regulations adequate to address the risks posed by this emerging technology?

Looking Ahead to Paris: Expectations and Reality at COP 21

The focus of the global community on the outcome of the Paris Conference of Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in December is unprecedented. The world awaits, anticipating the details of an international and legally-binding agreement to address climate change.

Book Talk: The New Tsar

When Boris Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin prime minister in 1999, the question everyone asked was, "Who is Putin?" Remarkably, in 2015, there are those who are still asking the same question. He remains a divisive figure, inside his country and outside, with vociferous critics and equally ardent supporters. Putin's rule has often seemed deliberately inscrutable, but the key to understanding one of the most consequential leaders in the world today lies in his family history, his upbringing, and his rise to absolute power in Russia.

2015-16 State of the Future launch event

Join us for the release of the 2015-16 State of the Future report by Jerome C. Glenn, Elizabeth Florescu, and The Millennium Project Team.

Leveraging the Private Sector to Strengthen Maternal Health

In 2013, nearly 300,000 women died during pregnancy and childbirth. The majority of those deaths were in developing countries and entirely preventable. Much of the effort towards reducing this number has been focused on what governments should do differently, but the private sector plays just as important a role as the public sector, said a panel of experts at the Wilson Center on September 17

Foreign Policy Breakthroughs: Cases in Successful Diplomacy

Diplomacy is essential to the conduct of foreign policy and international business in the twenty-first century. Yet, few international actors are trained to understand or practice effective diplomacy. Poor diplomacy has contributed to repeated setbacks for the United States and other major powers in the last decade.