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Power Partnerships: How Canada-U.S. Hydroelectric Partnerships Reinforce America’s Clean Energy Economy


Power Partnerships: How Canada-U.S. Hydroelectric Partnerships Reinforce America’s Clean Energy Economy

February 25, 2013

Panel 1: Canadian Officials’ Stance on the Canada-U.S. Hydroelectric Partnership

Political Transition in Venezuela: Next Steps and the Implications for U.S. Policy

This important discussion focused on the evolving political situation in Venezuela in light of President Hugo Chávez’s prolonged absence from the country.

  • Margarita López Maya, Universidad Central de Venezuela
  • The Honorable Patrick Duddy, former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela
  • Risa Grais-Targow, Eurasia Group
  • David Smilde, University of Georgia and Washington Office on Latin America

Speakers' Biographies:

Russia and the World: A Dynamic Landscape

This conference was organized  by the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington in partnership with the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, The Herbert J. Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies, and The Kennan Institute.

Explaining the Soviet ‘West’ and ‘Exotic’: Lithuanian and Georgian Writers

Soviet writers were some of the most publicly recognizable intellectuals and were tasked by the state to transform society. In this presentation, Vilius Ivanauskas, Research Fellow, Lithuanian Institute of History, and Fulbright Scholar, University of California, Berkeley outlined Georgian and Lithuanian writers, members of Writers’ Union, focusing on their participation in the establishment and the dynamics of ideas.

1989 After 1989: Memory in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe

The eastern European revolutions of 1989 were a watershed in global history. Despite this, in the two decades since, their meaning has become a source of debate. While they have been promoted as a founding myth for a newly unified Europe, eastern Europeans have repeatedly represented them as a moment of betrayal, martyrdom, liberation, victory, disappointment, loss, colonisation, or nostalgia.

Climate Change and Migration in Mexico: A Report Launch

The conversation around immigration and Mexico has long been tied to the United States and the prevailing economic conditions in both countries. But a new report from the Royal United Services Institute argues that as temperatures rise and precipitation patterns change over the course of the next century, climate too will increasingly become a driver of both internal and international migration in Mexico. 

The Resistible Rise of the Islamists?


Marina Ottaway
Senior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center

Les Campbell
Senior Associate and Regional Director, Middle East and North Africa, National Democratic Institute (NDI)