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Is Europe facing a new Era? The Treaty on Stability and the Struggle for Economic Sovereignty in a Political Perspective

The current European crisis is not only the crisis of a single country or the crisis of a small group of countries; this crisis is structural. It is not a crisis similar to the 1929 crisis, or similar to the crisis of the 1970s. To face it  the European Union (without the United Kingdom) has agreed to sign a Treaty on Stability, which is intended to provide economic measures to reduce public debt and to control public finance.

The Chinese Economy: Growth Prospects and Current Challenges


There will be a LIVE WEBCAST of the discussion starting at 9AM! 

Who Leads the Arab World?

A group of Wilson Center scholars discussed regional players in the Arab world and the domestic and international challenges they face in maintaining their influence in the rest of the Middle East.

Worldwide Views on Biodiversity: A Case Study of Technology Assessment and Public Participation

The “p” in “pTA” emphasizes that the people who fund technology development (through taxes and consumer purchases), and who live with its positive and negative consequences, but are not otherwise formally engaged through advocacy, can and should play a role in technology assessment. 

Forced Labor in Modern Russia: Questions about Legal Responsibility and the Protection of Worker’s Rights

Prohibition of forced labor is one of the fundamental principles of labor law in Russian Federation. However, the analysis of enforcement practice shows that this principle remains declarative.

Legal Reform and the Fight against Corruption in Russia’s Regions

Sergei Leonov, a lawyer in the forefront of anti-corruption efforts by Russia’s business community, will speak about his practical experience pushing for the reform of laws that give rise to corruption. Leonov developed a methodology that detects the legislative and regulatory roots of corruption. In partnership with the Washington-based Center for International Private Enterprise, he has worked with business associations in over two dozen regions to boost NGOs’ ability to fight corruption through legal reform.

Defining American Priorities in the Middle East

A panel of experts discussed American enterprises and influence in the Middle East, noting struggles and opportunities that the second Obama administration faces.

Lebanon and the Arab World in Transition

Fuad Siniora, former Prime Minister of Lebanon, discussed the dynamism of the Arab Spring and expressed optimism that current trends can lead to greater dialogue and democracy in the Middle East.

On November 14, the Middle East Program hosted an event, “Lebanon and the Arab World in Transition” with Fuad Siniora. Michael Van Dusen, Executive Vice President and COO of the Woodrow Wilson Center, moderated the event.