Webcast Recap

Ryan Pyle, Photojournalist; Tad Ferris, Holland and Knight

At this April 18 CEF meeting, China-based photojournalist Ryan Pyle will present photos and information on golf course development on Hainan Island focusing on the environmental impacts and governance challenges that rapid golf course construction poses for China. Additionally, Tad Ferris—an environmental lawyer from Holland and Knight who has decades of experience in working on environmental law in China—will discuss some of governance challenges that drive destructive land development in China. He also will highlight reforms and new regulations that offer opportunities for better land, soil, and water protection. This will be CEF's first sports and environment meeting and it offers a combination of compelling stories with pictures of Hainan's golf courses and discussion of policy and enforcement gaps and reforms around land use and soil and water protection.

Location: 6th Floor Flom Auditorium