Dairy Policy Reform in Canada & the United States: Protection at Home or International Trade? (Toronto)

Location: This event will take place at Bennett Jones Headquarters in Toronto, ON. 

For several decades, dairy policies in Canada and the United States have protected and supported domestic dairy industries. Regulations have taken different forms—supply management in Canada, and complex pricing rules in the United States—but both systems hurt consumers, shield domestic dairy from foreign competition, and jeopardize efforts to participate in proposed international free-trade negotiations.

Panelists Martha Hall Findlay and Joe Balagtas will assess the progress to date on implementing dairy policy reforms and discuss the cost of inaction in terms of global competitiveness—in particular, international dairy markets.

Please join the Canada Institute as it launches its 17th issue of its One Issue, Two Voices series, Dairy Policy in Canada and the United States: Protection at Home or International Trade?


Martha Hall Findlay
Executive Fellow, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

Joseph Balagtas
Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

with comments and analysis from

Milos Barutciski
Partner and Co-Chair, International Trade and Investment, Bennett Jones LLP

and moderator

David Biette
Director, Canada Institute, Wilson Center