Istituto Luigi Sturzo, Via delle Coppelle 35 00186 Rome, Italy

Italy and Nuclear Power: A day of study dedicated to the presentation of sources and archives on the history of Italian nuclear power

9:30 Introduction, Nicola Antonetti

10:00 - The Historical Archive of ENEA - Chair, Leopoldo Nuti

- Historical-technological sources and contemporary history: Reflections on the recovery of the ENEA Historical Archive, Giovanni Paoloni (Universita La Sapienza, Roma and Comite d'histoire de l'electricite et de l'energie, Fondation EDF, Parigi)

- The technical-scientific activities of the Italian nuclear program as founding principles of ENEA's documentary heritage, Fabrizio Pisacane (ENEA)

- Between development and crisis: The archives of the Italian nuclear institution (1952-1970), Greta Berolini (Master ABC, Universita degli studi di Firenze)

11:30 Presentation of the book Nuclear Italyedited by Elisabetta Bini and Igor Londero

Chair: Alain Beltran (CNRS-UMR SIRICE - President of the Comite d'histoire de l'electricite et de l'energie, Fondation EDF, Parigi)

Discussants: Antonio Varsori (Universita degli studi di Padova), Giovanni Battimelli (Universita La Sapienza, Roma), Pietro Greco (journalist and author), Carlo Rizzuto (CERIC-ERIC, Trieste e ELI-DC Bruxelles)

1:15 - Lunch Break

3:00 The Nuclear papers of Giulio Andreotti - Chair, Francesco Lefebvre D'Ovidio (Universita La Sapienza, Roma)

- Nuclear and NATO sources in the Giulio Andreotti Archive, Luciana Devoti (Archivio Andreotti, Istituto Luigi Sturzo, Roma)

- NATO and the problem of nuclear sharing, Lodovica Clavarino (Universita degli studi Roma Tre)

The nuclear problems of the Atlantic alliance and the end of the Cold War, Marilena Gala (Universita degli studi Roma Tre)

- The Strategic reflections of Italian diplomacy, Niccolo Petrelli (Universita degli studi Roma Tre)

4:30 The Personal archive of Achille Albonetti - Chair, David Burigana (Universita degli studi di Padova)

- A divided world: Italy and nuclear power seen by the Albonetti Archive, Francesca Nemore (Universita La Sapienza, Roma)

- Nuclear power and the European construction in the papers of Achille Albonetti, Leopoldo Nuti (Universita degli studi Roma Tre)

- Italy and the IAEA in the papers of Achille Albonetti, Giordana Pulcini (Universita degli studi Roma Tre)