Toronto, Ontario, U.S. scholars Joseph McKinney of Baylor University and Kimberly Elliot of the Institute of International Economics joined a group of Canadian and Mexican specialists to discuss "NAFTA and the Future of North America" at a one-day conference in Toronto, Ontario on February 7, part of the Canada Institute's regular programming in Canada. The conference was co-sponsored by the Canadian Studies Program at University College, University of Toronto.

Panelists discussed issues of governance, economic development, and labor movements since the signing of NAFTA, noting the extent to which national expectations have been met, and, in particular, the way in which laborers in the three NAFTA countries will benefit from future negotiations. Former Woodrow Wilson Fellow Stephen Clarkson set the tone for a lively debate on the future of NAFTA, stating that since September 11, 2001, U.S. security concerns have realigned priorities in all discussions of military, social, and economic arrangements between the nations of North America.

The conference brought together academics from Toronto's two largest universities – York University and the University of Toronto. The event was attended by more than 60, including diplomats, representatives of the Ontario provincial government, a number of influential policy analysts, and academics.

Perspectives on Governance and Economic Development

Chair: Leo Panitch, Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy, Department of Political Science, York University
Alejandro Alvarez, Professor of Economics, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, "Mexico–A Contradictory New Role in NAFTA– Exporter of Labour and Importer of Goods and Services"
Stephen Clarkson, Professor of Political Economy, University of Toronto, "Canada and NAFTA in the Emerging Global Order"
Joseph A. McKinney, Professor of Economics and the Ben H. Williams Professor of International Economics, Baylor University, "NAFTA's Effects on North American Economic Development: A U.S. Perspective"
Discussant: Mel Watkins, Economics and Canadian Studies, University of Toronto

Perspectives on Labour Markets and Movements

Chair: Viviana Patroni, Director, CERLAC, York University
Kimberly Elliott, Institute for International Economics "Trade Agreements and Labor Standards: Mandatory versus Voluntary Approaches";
Greg Albo, Political Science, York University (with Dan Crow) "The North American Labour Movements at an Impasse"
Dick Roman, University College, Univ. of Toronto and CERLAC, York University (with Edur Velasco, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico) "Solidarity or Competition: Mexican Workers, NAFTA and the North American Labour Movement"
Discussant: Ian MacDonald, Political Science, York University

Drafted by Cheryl Hoffmann
Program Consultant, Toronto

David N. Biette,
Director, Canada Institute