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Author: Louise W. Knight, independent author; Commentators: David Patterson, Former Chief Editor, "Foreign Relations of the United States" Series; Jamie Stiehm, Independent Journalist and Author

In this, the first full biography of Jane Addams in forty years, author Louise W. Knight shows Addams's boldness, creativity, and tenacity as she sought ways to put the ideals of democracy into action. Starting in Chicago as a co-founder of the nation's first settlement house, Hull House—a community center where people of all classes and ethnicities could gather—Addams became a grassroots organizer and a partner of trade unionists, women, immigrants, and African Americans seeking social justice. In time she emerged as a progressive political force; an advocate for women's suffrage; an advisor to presidents; a co-founder of civil rights organizations, including the NAACP; and a leader for international peace.