Jin Jiaman, Global Environmental Institute
Anne Devero, Center for Climate Strategies
Zhu Xiaowen, Chengdu Development and Reform Commission
Zou Lele, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Policy and Management
Hu Junfeng, North China Electric Power University
Liao Cuiping, CAS Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion Energy Strategy Research Center

During the last two weeks of July, the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) and
the Global Environmental Institute (GEI) will host a delegation of Chinese central, provincial, and municipal government officials and technical experts to meet with their counterparts in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington, DC to learn about the innovative CCS-supported climate action planning processes and resulting plans and policies in each state. At this meeting at the end of the tour, Chinese participants will discuss the status of climate policy at the provincial and city level in China, what they learned from their time in the US, and how sub-national cooperation on climate
action planning might help them achieve their dual greenhouse gas emissions reductions and economic growth goals.