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Promoting Peace in Sudan: The Critical Role of Civil Society

October 8-15, 2004, Women Waging Peace hosted 16 Sudanese women peace builders for meetings, presentations, and events in New York and Washington, DC. The purpose of this conference was to raise the voices of women peace builders and urge the US government, the UN, other international governmental and non-governmental organizations, and think tanks to promote the inclusion of women in all efforts to bring peace to this troubled country. The Conflict Prevention Project and Africa and Middle East Programs of the Woodrow Wilson Center co-hosted several events with the Sudanese delegation and Women Waging Peace. The first was an open meeting at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the second was a private roundtable with embassy, U.S. government representatives and non-governmental experts. They discussed strategies and prospects to create a lasting and sustainable peace in Sudan, with a particular focus on the role of women in promoting economic empowerment and equitable sharing of Sudan's resources; how to create inclusive peace negotiations to develop participatory political structures, strategies for advancing human rights for internally displaced peoples and refugees, and addressed the Darfur crisis.