The Canada Institute and the CSIS Smart Border North Working Group hosted a roundtable discussion at CSIS with Jean-Pierre Voyer, André Downs, and Christian Boucher of the Policy Research Initiative. They presented the main findings and the preliminary policy recommendations from their research project on The Emergence of Cross-Border Regions between Canada and the United States.

The Policy Research Initiative is conducting a comprehensive research project on the emergence of cross-border regions between the United States and Canada. To date, the research team has produced several research papers, undertaken a leader survey, conducted executive interviews, and organized six regional roundtables to examine the opportunities, challenges, and policy implications that cross-border regions pose for Canada and the United States. The research focuses on a number of policy questions:

• What are the key dimensions and characteristics that define cross-border regions?
• How economically distinct are they? How socio-culturally similar are they?
• What institutions and informal networks support these regional relationships?
• What are the important benefits that cross-border regions entail for Canada and the U.S.?
• What are the major challenges to their further development?
• What are the possible roles and actions for the Government of Canada?