Latin America Events

Energy and Development in South America

November 28, 2007 // 7:45am12:15pm
Latin American Program
The goal of the seminar is to analyze the ways in which energy serves as a cause of conflict or of cooperation in South America, with a particular focus on how energy resources are used both as an instrument to promote national development and as a factor in regional politics.

Fujimori: Neo-liberalism, Neo-sultanism, and Corruption

November 16, 2007 // 8:00am4:00pm
Latin American Program

Challenges for Cooperation: Education and Cultural Exchange between the United States and Mexico

November 15, 2007 // 1:00pm4:30pm
Mexico Institute
The Mexican-US Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange (COMEXUS) and the Mexico Institute host a discussion with leading academics and elected and government officials to discuss this important topic.

Brazil's Innovation Challenge: Public Policies and Business Strategies

November 08, 2007 // 7:30am12:30pm
Brazil Institute
This event took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil Carlos Henrique Brito Cruz, Scientific Director, Research Foundation of the State of São Paulo (FAPESP); Sérgio Risola, General Coordinator, University of São Paulo Technogical Enterprises Incubator Center (CIETEC–USP); Ricardo Camargo Mendes, Executive Director, Prospective International Consulting; Stephen Merrill, Executive Director, United States National Academy of Science's Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy; Maurício Mendonça, Executive Director of the Industrial Competitiveness Unit of CNI; Kent Hughes, Director, Program on Science, Technology, America and the Global Economy of the Woodrow Wilson Center; Fernando Reinach, Executive Director, Votorantim New Ventures; Carlos Américo Pacheco, Assistant Secretary for Development of São Paulo; Sonia Tuccori, R&D Manager, Natura; Alexander Triebnigg, Presidente, Novartis Brasil; Mauro Assano, Executive Manager of Research, IBM (to be confirmed); Luiz Henrique Braido, Professor, Getúlio Vargas Foundation; Paulo Sotero, Director, Brazil Institute

Book Discussion: Peace Parks: Conservation and Conflict Resolution

November 07, 2007 // 2:00pm4:00pm
Environmental Change and Security Program
Peace Parks seeks to rigorously examine one way in which the environment can be harnessed to resolve disputes or build peace: transboundary peace parks.

Latin American Immigrants: Civic and Political Participation in the Washington DC-Metro Area

November 01, 2007 // 9:00am12:30pm
Mexico Institute
On November 1, 2007 community leaders, immigration scholars and elected officials gathered to discuss the civic and political participation of the Washington Metropolitan Area's largest immigrant group, Latin Americans.

Crime, Violence, and Security in the CARICOM: Creating community in the Caribbean

October 30, 2007 // 9:00am12:30pm
Latin American Program
Ambassador Albert Ramdin, Assistant Secretary General Organization of American States; Francis Forbes, CEO, IMPACS (Implementing Agency for Crime and Security) Liaison Office/ CARICOM;Gabriel Demombynes, Economist, World Bank; Anthony Harriott, Lecturer in Government, University of the West Indies, Mona (Jamaica); Folade Mutota, Co-founder, Women's Institute for Alternative Development (Trinidad and Tobago)

Book Launch: Mexico's Right to Know Reforms: Civil Society Perspectives

October 25, 2007 // 9:00am12:00pm
Mexico Institute
Join book editors Jonathan Fox, Libby Haight, Helena Hofbauer, Tania Sánchez-Andrade and others to discuss issues of transparency in Mexico. This book is a joint publication of the Mexico Institute and Fundar, Center for Analysis and Research.

Argentina at the Polls

October 18, 2007 // 2:00pm5:00pm
Latin American Program
with María Victoria Murillo, Associate Professor of Political Science, Columbia University; Rosalía Cortés, Professor of Sociology, Facultad Latinoamericana de las Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), Buenos Aires; Graciela Romer, President, Graciela Romer & Asociados, Buenos Aires

Brazil and the United States: Trade Agendas and Challenges of the Bilateral Relationship

October 16, 2007 // 2:00pm5:30pm
Brazil Institute
Henrique Rzezinski, President, Brazilian Section of Brazil-United States Business Council; Jason Kearns, Trade Counsel, Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives; Pedro da Motta Veiga, Director, Center for Integration and Development Studies (CINDES); Maurício Mesquita Moreira, Senior Trade and Integration Economist, Inter-American Development Bank; I.M. Destler, Visiting Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics; Jon Huenemann, Vice President, Miller & Chevalier; Kellie Meiman, Kissinger McLarty Associates; and Paulo Sotero, Director, Brazil Institute