North America Experts

Director and Professor, Law and Society/Political Science and Institute for Social Research, York University, Canada.
Les Jacobs is Professor of Law & Society and Political Science and Director of the Institute for Social Research at York University. He is also the past Executive Director and now Senior Research Fellow of the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice, a pan-Canadian access to justice NGO housed at Osgoode Hall Law School. Currently, he is the Fulbright Research Chair at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Smith...
Appellate Practitioner, Hogan Lovells and former Acting Solicitor General of the United States
Professor of History, Georgetown University
President and CEO, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
Author and Journalist
Linda Killian's first book was THE FRESHMEN: What Happened to the Republican Revolution? in which she followed Newt Gingrich's career as Speaker of the House closely. This critically acclaimed book is a behind-the-scenes account of the104th Congress - the story of the GOP freshmen of '94 and the Republican takeover of Congress. It reveals the maneuvering and intrigues, the personal and...
Assistant Research Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Relations
Assistant research professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Relations
Assistant Deputy Minister, Alberta Energy
Ellen and Dixon Long Professor of World Affairs, Case Western Reserve University
Kathryn Lavelle is the Ellen and Dixon Long Professor of World Affairs at Case Western Reserve University. Her research specializes in the politics of financial governance. The author of The Politics of Equity Finance in Emerging Markets (Oxford University Press, 2004); Legislating International Organizations: US Congress, the IMF, and the World Bank (Oxford University Press, 2011); and Money and...
Associate Professor, Politics and Public Administration Department, Shanxi University, China
Li RuoJing is an associate professor in Politics and Public Administration School, Shanxi University, China. Li earned PhD of history in Nankai University. Li is now a supervisor of the graduate students of International Politics specialty.Li was presiding over the Project of Humanities and Social Science of China’s Ministry of Education: "the Oil Cold War", and several other proje...