Romania Experts

Senior Fellow, University of Massachusetts, Boston.
Visiting Scholar, Duke University
Cristina Bejan is currently a Title VIII Supported Research Scholar at WWC, a Researcher at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and a Scholar at Duke University’s Center for European Studies. At WWC she is publishing her first book, titled The Icarus of Interwar Bucharest: the Criterion Association’s Descent into Fascism. At USHMM she documents Vichy-run labor camps in West and...
Professeur Langue et Civilisation Roumaine, Universite de Paris III Centre d’Etude des Civilisations de l’Europe Central E et du sud-est Paris
Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Assistant Scientist, International Health: Health Systems, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
Lecturer, Washington College
Former Adviser, Romanian Defense Ministry; Visiting Professor, Security Studies and Intelligence Analysis, University of Bucharest
Larry L. Watts is a visiting professor for Security Studies and Intelligence Analysis at the University of Bucharest. His service as security sector reform advisor to Romania’s Defense Oversight Committee, Presidential Counselor for National Security, Defense Ministry, Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), and Police General Inspectorate during 1991-2009 earned him awards for promoting militar...