Gallup: Libyans Want Militias Disarmed Immediately

Sep 14, 2012

On Sept. 13, Gallup released a poll showing that 95 percent of surveyed Libyans want militias to turn in their weapons immediately. Gallup conducted more than 1000 face-to-face interviews with adults during March and April 2012. The following excerpt includes a table that displays the results.

Reflecting their concern about this situation, the majority of Libyans see Islamic militant groups and Gadhafi loyalists as a major threat to their country's future. Still, Libyans are among the most hopeful populations in the Arab world that regional uprisings will actually bring about improved security, governance, and economic prospects -- and many see a role for the West in helping them achieve this. In fact, Libyans reported record-high approval of U.S. leadership in March and early April, and they expressed a strong desire to cooperate militarily with the West at that time.

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